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On the 27 of August, a small group of Liberated Clubbers, which officials suspect belongs to Chamberlain 54 community, have appealed to the Russian Embassy authorities with the claim to reopen what is known as Chamberlain 54 party for the last time. The appeal was made on the grounds of Human Rights Act, under section which states that People should have a simple right to party.
Russian officials are still to play their best card, however experts anticipate that the Clubbers will go ahead with the party in the very very near future.
The dates are not finalised but the heat is on to get the one and only Chamberlain 54 alive for the last time this season!
So we suggest you get your Vodka and shot glass ready (Please no Absolut Kurant).

Alexandre Morozov (Moroz).


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contact party administrator about the next party :-)