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18 january 2001 by denis
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can you imagine how an ex-spy embassy villa can be converted into a serious clubbing venue? well, a lot of people witnessed this happening last saturday - it turned out to be a very international party with kiwis, yugoslavs & russians! the russians provided the venue, the kiwis provided all the equipment, the yugoslavs consumed a lot! picture this: several cars have been involved in bringing equipment from the most respectable club in wellington called the 'phoenix' into this embassy house! we had full lighting - strobes, uv light, smoke machine, several pairs of high-definition speakers, glowing mushrooms, additional decorations, serious turntables. this was mixed with soviet red phone direct to kremlin, various red buttons, and a bunch of other useless russian equipment in the house. qualified personnel from the clubbing industry have taken great care of complete setup, dj-ing, lighting, etc. a very fine selections of tunes has been played throughout the night. in addition to all that there must have been at least 15-20 bottles of pure spirits, onzes of substances and some odd 40-50 people. at 1:30 am one of friends' friends arrived straight from the plane to this party, with an additional injection of a couple blue label smirnoff bottles purchased duty free! by 3:30 am new zealand noise control finally attempted to intervene with our event - despite the fact that the land belonged to the russian federation. noise control officer has been definitely jealous of the event and left the venue without much success - the party went on. it has been one of the greatest ways to say 'farewell' to new zealand! i'll be leaving for kuala lumpur in the next 10 days. i do not think i can replicate my nz party experiences in malaysia - i think it will be a good opportunity to slow down a bit. all the best to you all, denis